A Special Visit: Taiwanese customer Tour of Munay’s Facilities of Palo Santo in Lima and Piura

Munay Ki Peru SAC, a leading exporter of Palo Santo and incense in Peru, recently had the honorof welcoming Tzu Yu Lu, a valued customer from Taiwan. Tzu Yu Lu’s visit to our storage facilitiesin Lima and our processing plant ...
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palo santo Europe

Munay: Making a Mark at BIOFACH and Expanding into the European Market

In the world of organic and natural products, few events hold as much significance as BIOFACH inGermany. This prestigious international trade fair, dedicated to organic products, serves as a globalplatform where companies showcase their innovations, forge business relationships, and expandtheir ...
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black copal supplier

“Black Copal: An Aromatic Treasure of amazonian rainforest to the World”

Deep in the Amazon rainforest of Peru, lies an aromatic treasure known as the black copal. This magical resin (origin in one of the energetic places on the planet), extracted of ancestral trees, has captivated not only local communities but ...
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EOM service palo santo

Munay’s EOM Service: Crafting Authentic Natural Palo Santo for Global Businesses

In the heartland of Peru, Munay has been harnessing the power of Palo Santo to create arange of natural and original products that resonate with spirituality and well-being. Beyondour commitment to producing high-quality Palo Santo products, we also offer a ...
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palo santo beads

Unlocking Spirituality: Munay’s Handcrafted Palo Santo Beads for Spiritual Jewelry

In the heartland of Peru, where tradition and spirituality intertwine, artisans create exquisite handcrafted Palo Santo beads, each a testament to the cultural richness and spiritual significance of the region. Munay, a distinguished brand, stands at the forefront of this ...
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palo santo stick

Innovation in Palo Santo Stick Production: The Blend of Precision and Craftsmanship

In a bold move towards modernization, we are thrilled to announce the integration of cutting-edge technology in the production of our Palo Santo sticks. Embracing innovation, we have introduced a state-of-the-art machine, imported from China, that promises not only increased ...
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Visit of one of our customers from Japan to our palo santo processing facility

The facility where our palo santo products are processed and sustainably used is located in a quiet corner of Peru, in the Piura region, surrounded by nature and a rich spiritual history. This place is known for its connection to ...
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New uses of Palo Santo wood

Palo Santo Massage balls The use of palo santo massage balls has gained popularity in the field of physical therapy and wellness in recent years. These versatile tools offer a unique way to apply pressure and movement to specific areas ...
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palo santo real original natural

How to find good Palo Santo quality?

What is palo santo? It is the wood of a very popular tree all over the world, Elon Musk himself used it to bring luck to one of his space tests, read more in Return to Space (2022) , but ...
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palo santo legal

Legal supply of palo Santo wood in Peru 2024. What is the reality?

PALO SANTO LEGAL Many importers, distributors and consumers of sticks and incense are wondering about the legality and sustainable origin of legal palo santo from Peru and Ecuador, both major exporters of this wood and its derivatives. Read more in ...
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