Visit of one of our customers from Japan to our palo santo processing facility

The facility where our palo santo products are processed and sustainably used is located in a quiet corner of Peru, in the Piura region, surrounded by nature and a rich spiritual history. This place is known for its connection to local traditions, where the use of palo santo has been passed down from generation to generation.

The arrival of a Japanese customer and agricultural engineer in this environment adds an additional layer of meaning, as Japan is famous for its deep respect for spirituality and ceremonies, as well as being the market with the best incense in the world.

Mr Sato Taking Pictures of Naturally fallen tree

Our customer Kenichi Sato visit became an enriching cultural exchange. Mr. Sato expressed his admiration for the artisanal process and his desire to learn more about the spiritual and cultural connection that these incenses represent in Peru.

The interaction between Mr. Sato and the local producers was an inspiring example of how communication goes beyond language barriers. Despite the difference in languages, the smiles, gestures and shared passion for the creation of incense allowed the conversations to flow naturally.

This visit helped to clear doubts about the origin of our raw material, the main doubt was about the origin of the wood of the palo santo sticks, which is from 100% naturally dead trees. Also our customer was able to review how are the manual cutting processes and check that our quality is perfect, he told us that in his market there are fake products and some woods that are offered with essential oil of palo santo added.

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