A Special Visit: Taiwanese customer Tour of Munay’s Facilities of Palo Santo in Lima and Piura

Munay Ki Peru SAC, a leading exporter of Palo Santo and incense in Peru, recently had the honor
of welcoming Tzu Yu Lu, a valued customer from Taiwan. Tzu Yu Lu’s visit to our storage facilities
in Lima and our processing plant in Piura marks a significant step in strengthening our business
relationship and expanding the reach of our high-quality Palo Santo products in the Taiwanese and
Chinese markets.

Journey to Piura: Exploring the Heart of Production

The visit began in Piura, home to our primary processing plant. This facility is where the magic truly
happens, as raw Palo Santo wood is transformed into the exquisite incense sticks and other
products that Munay is known for.

We started with a guided tour of the fields where palo santo trees are collected from the wild, in las
lomas, Piura. Our customer was able to see how people walk long stretches of land looking for
palo santo trees that have died naturally over time. She was able to see how difficult it is for the
people who collect and cut the trees, which are carried long distances to the processing plant.

In Piura, Tzu Yu Lu was introduced to the intricate processes involved in the preparation and
production of Palo Santo. From the careful selection and cutting of the wood to the drying and
shaping processes, each step was showcased to highlight our commitment to preserving the
natural integrity and beneficial properties of Palo Santo.

She also had the opportunity to visit the reforestation field, where 500 small palo santo trees are
growing and will be transplanted in the forest before the end of the year.

Welcoming to Lima: A Glimpse into Our Operations

The next leg of the visit took us to Lima, where our customer was given an extensive tour of our
storage facilities. Here, she observed firsthand how we meticulously handle and store our PaloSanto products. Our team demonstrated the careful inventory management practices that ensure
the preservation of the wood’s aromatic and therapeutic qualities.

Lima’s facilities play a crucial role in our supply chain, serving as the central hub for receiving raw
materials and preparing them for processing. During the tour, our customer was impressed by our
commitment to quality control and our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in every
aspect of our operation.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices: A Core Commitment

A key focus of the visit was our sustainable and ethical sourcing practices. Tzu Yu Lu learned
about our efforts to ensure that all Palo Santo wood is harvested responsibly, respecting both the
environment and local communities. This commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of our
operations, ensuring that the delicate ecosystems from which Palo Santo is sourced are protected
for future generations.

Strengthening Partnerships: A Collaborative Future

The visit of Tzu Yu Lu underscores the importance of our international partnerships. With her help,
Munay aims to introduce our premium Palo Santo products to the Taiwanese and Chinese
markets. She is expertise and insights into these markets will be invaluable as we work to meet the
needs and preferences of new customers.

This visit has reinforced our commitment to excellence and our dedication to expanding the reach
of our products through strategic international partnerships. With Tzu Yu Lu’s support, Munay is
poised to make a significant impact in the Taiwanese and Chinese markets, sharing the rich
heritage and natural benefits of Palo Santo with new customers.

The collaboration between Munay and Tzu Yu Lu exemplifies the power of global partnerships in
advancing sustainability and quality in the natural products industry. We look forward to a fruitful
partnership and to bringing the essence of Palo Santo to the world.

we invite companies and distributors from around the world to visit us and see the real work we do
to care for palo santo trees and our commitment to being the only source for ethically based and
sustainable palo santo.

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