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“Black Copal: An Aromatic Treasure of amazonian rainforest to the World”

Deep in the Amazon rainforest of Peru, lies an aromatic treasure known as the black copal. This magical resin (origin in one of the energetic places on the planet), extracted of ancestral trees, has captivated not only local communities but also lovers of aromatherapy and spirituality around the world. Let’s discover the richness of black copal Amazonian, its use in incense and aromatherapy, as well as its journey from the Amazonian forests Peruvians towards global markets.

The black copal : A Jewel of the Amazon

Black copal is a sacred resin that comes from timber trees in the Amazon region from Peru. This solid resin has historically been used in spiritual rituals and ceremonies, considered as a means of connection with the divine. This resin, with its earthy aroma and notes balsamic, has earned the reputation of being an aromatic gem.

Copal is used by local communities to provide light at night, in places where light electricity has not yet arrived, it is a source of light for native communities and ethnic groups such as the Achuar.

Uses in Incense: Elevating the Spirit

Black copal resin is a key ingredient in the making of incense and cones. When burns, releasing rich fragrances that fill the air with a feeling of purification and connection spiritual. Black copal incenses are valued for their ability to create an atmosphere sacred during meditative practices, spiritual ceremonies and energy cleansing rituals.

Sustainable Extraction: Commitment to Nature

The collection of black copal in our company follows sustainability principles to preserve the Amazon forests. The collectors of the ACHUAR ethnic group, with a deep respect for nature, they practice methods that allow the regeneration of trees and They guarantee the long-term preservation of this valuable resin. This commitment to Sustainability reflects the harmonious connection between local Achuar communities and their environment natural.

Exportation to the World: The Diffusion of the Amazonian Aroma

Amazonian black copal has transcended borders, reaching international markets where its Unique fragrance and spiritual properties have won admirers. The export of this resin aromatic allows the entire world to experience the essence of the Amazon rainforest, bringing I get the purifying and revitalizing energy of black copal. Currently our clients from Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Dubai enjoy the benefits of this mystical resin.

An Aromatic Journey from the Amazon

Amazonian black copal, with its rich spiritual history and aromatic benefits, stands as a true treasure of Peruvian nature. From the Amazon forests to the homes and temples around the world, black copal has found its place in spirituality, Aromatherapy and the search for well-being. This aromatic journey from the Peruvian Amazon illustrates the beauty of an ancient tradition that continues to elevate the senses and connect people with the wonder of nature. Feel and connect with a piece of the Amazon in a 100% sustainable incense.

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