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Munay’s EOM Service: Crafting Authentic Natural Palo Santo for Global Businesses

In the heartland of Peru, Munay has been harnessing the power of Palo Santo to create a
range of natural and original products that resonate with spirituality and well-being. Beyond
our commitment to producing high-quality Palo Santo products, we also offer a unique maquila service to international businesses. This service empowers brands to create their own
line of 100% natural and original Palo Santo-based items, backed by the necessary permits
from SERFOR (the National Forestry and Wildlife Service of Peru) to safely reach their
destination countries.

One of the highlights of our maquila service is the creation of Palo Santo cones, incense, and
sticks, each infused with the essence of this sacred wood and manufactured to meet the
highest quality standards. Our Palo Santo cones stand out for their unique blend with copal, a plant resin known for its durability and purity. This partnership between Palo Santo and copal results in cones that offer not only the aromatic allure of Palo Santo but also a longer-lasting and purer burning experience.

The combination of Palo Santo and copal is a marriage of tradition and innovation. We are
proud to have perfected this blend to create cones that deliver a truly authentic and
enchanting experience. Copal, often associated with purification rituals, enhances the spiritual properties of Palo Santo, making these cones a popular choice among those who seek to infuse their space with positive energy.

Our incense sticks, another offering under the maquila service, share the same commitment to quality and authenticity. Crafted with a blend of Palo Santo and other natural ingredients, these incense sticks produce a rich, soothing fragrance that fills any space with tranquility.
Whether used for meditation, relaxation, or simply to enjoy the delightful aroma, these
incense sticks offer a sensorial journey that appeals to individuals from all walks of life.
However, our best-selling product within the maquila service is undoubtedly the Palo Santo
sticks. With growing interest from countries such as South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and many others, these sticks have become a global sensation. They encapsulate the essence of Munay’s commitment to authenticity and spirituality. Each stick is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that it maintains the rustic charm and sacred energy that Palo Santo is renowned for.

Our maquila service not only provides businesses with the opportunity to offer authentic and spiritually significant products but also ensures that they are compliant with international regulations. Munay takes pride in securing all the necessary permits and documentation from SERFOR, enabling our clients to import and distribute our products seamlessly.

By collaborating with Munay’s maquila service, businesses can tap into the mystique and allure of Palo Santo, a precious wood that has been cherished for centuries. Whether it’s the enchanting cones, soothing incense, or the ever-popular sticks, our maquila service offers a gateway to share the magic of Palo Santo with the world.

At Munay, we are dedicated to preserving the tradition and purity of this sacred wood while helping brands worldwide make their mark with authentic and natural products that resonate with the soul.

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