Palo Santo Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Palo santo oil, uses and benefits

Explore the uses and benefits of Palo Santo essential oil, from aromatherapy and stress relief to spiritual cleansing and natural insect repellent. Palo Santo is known to cleanse the atmosphere of negative energies. Palo Santo is used to drive away ...
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Palo Santo Sustainable! Legal source in Peru | Is it Endangered?

Palo santo sustainable! Legal source in Peru

Is Palo Santo, sacred wood, in danger? In Munay, we have a passion for sustainable Palo Santo, the aromatic wood that has been used for centuries in the indigenous practices of our country. Munay currently has everything from incense sticks ...
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real palo santo

How differentiate the 100% real palo santo vs fake wood

Ever since she stepped onto the 2002 U.S. Open court in a black spandex onesie Serena Williams
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traditional use of palo santo

Palo Santo wood and full moon cleansing ritual

Full moon cleansing ritual with Palo Santo Our daily life unknowingly absorbs energy (both negative and positive) and we radiate it outwards. While it can occasionally be beneficial to reflect on our inner energies, it’s also important to let go ...
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